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ECC Roofing & Siding Case Studies: Leaking Roof Repair in Oaklyn, NJ

December 29, 2017
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Steven called in and spoke to our Office Assistant, Jess and explained to her that he has a minor leak and is in need of a roof repair. It was leaking towards the back of the house and he now has water damage on his ceiling. Our Certified Project Manager, Randy went out to inspect the roof. He saw where the leak was coming from and typed up an estimate for the exposed areas, which is where the water was coming in. The homeowner chose to have the problem fixed because he didn't want the issues to get worse and have to get a full roof replacement.


Steven chose ECC Roofing and Siding because the price was in his budget and he liked how Randy explained everything thoroughly. We had our hard working crew come out to his property and perform a roof repair to resolve the issues that this homeowner was having. There are always going to be challenges in life but luckily this job wasn't one of them.