Snow Removal from Roofs

Removing Snow from Roofs in Marlton and Voorhees

ECC Roofing & Siding provides snow rakings for residential roofs in NJ

Discover the importance of safe and effective snow removal from your roof. Every year, we hear disheartening stories of homeowners and untrained workers risking falls while attempting to remove heavy snow accumulations, often resulting in serious injuries or worse. Our expert insights shed light on the necessity of snow removal to prevent ice dams, protect solar collectors and roof windows, and ensure the safety of your home.

In periods of heavy snowfall, especially on older flat or low-slope roofs, snow and ice buildup can exceed the roof’s load capacity, posing further risks. Some snowfalls can weigh between 1 and 21 lbs. per cubic foot, depending on moisture content. Trust our guidance for a safer home, and contact us for expert snow removal services and roof safety measures.

ECC Roofing & Siding offers our professional snow removal services for roofs all throughout the Southern New Jersey area.

Raking snow from roofs helps prevent ice dam formation and also improves the efficiency of solar electric panels.

The right roofing services can help keep water out of your home
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We expertly remove snow without damaging shingles

We work from the ground whenever possible, carefully using long snow rakes that resemble garden hoes. Our workers are instructed to remove small amounts of snow at a time to avoid being hit by falling snow or ice. We are particularly careful to avoid dislodging roof shingles and gutters. If it is necessary to work from the roof, proper safety gear is used to prevent accidents and care is taken to locate skylights, dryer vents, and roof vents beforehand.

Our snow removal methods ensure the safety of our workers and won’t damage your roof. Contact us before the snow begins to fall so we can map your roof and inspect the shingles and gutters. With this preparation, we can more effectively handle snow removals when the need arises.

Snow build-up on your roof can cause ice dams

Snow on your roof normally does not pose a problem. When your roof is subject to temperature differentials between the area over the attic and the bottom few feet near the eave, however, it may be vulnerable to ice dams and damaging water leaks.

As the snow melts across the upper reaches of the roof, it trickles down toward the eave. If the roof’s temperature at the eave is below freezing, that trickle freezes like a mini glacier until layer upon layer gradually builds up and a “dam” of ice forms.

When the ice dam is high enough, water collects behind it and forms a small pool. The water rises under shingles until it reaches a fastener hole and seeps into your home.

If your eaves are shielded with eave flashing, such as a self-adhering rubberized asphalt and fiberglass mat (that self-seals when penetrated by fasteners), you probably won’t have to worry about ice dams.

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Roof Snow Removal Dangers

  • Falling snow and ice may cause injury
  • Injury from snow rake that falls from the roof
  • Falling off a ladder
  • Overexertion
  • Ladder sliding away
  • Slipping off roof
  • Tripping due to unseen, buried roof penetrations, like vent stacks
  • Falling through unseen, buried skylight or roof window