Case Studies

ECC Roofing & Siding Case Studies: Roof Installation

January 16, 2017


A homeowner called our company to inquire about getting a new roof installed on his home. A crew member was quick to go to his home and give him a free estimate, as well as set everything in motion for his home improvement project to begin. Unfortunately soon after work was scheduled to begin his location was hit with a few days of torrential downpour. Weather can often be a deter for contractors throughout a home improvement project.


Our office administrators kept in touch with the homeowner amid the bad spout of bad weather. Our company also pays close attention to details so we were also aware our customer did not want our crew men to dishevel his grass that was in the process of growing back from a previous harsh winter. Construction was put on a pause for a couple days and after the weather cleared up and the moisture had subsided from the ground work continued and the homeowner was exceptionally impressed with our communication and flexibility to complete the project from start to finish in a professional manner. Another satisfied customer!