Case Studies

ECC Roofing & Siding Case Studies: Roof and Siding Install

January 18, 2017


Mark was referred to our company by his son. We did a full roof replacement on his son's home the previous year and Mark was impressed with the end results. After we set up an appointment to go out to the home and provided a free estimate Mark decided to go through his home owner's insurance to get a full roof replacement, as well as all new siding. Due to the weather we had to reschedule the work for a couple days. Mark understood and was patient with us while we waited out the thunderstorms that were in the area. After the weather broke the project resumed and we had all the materials we needed delivered to Mark's home.


Due to the storms that came though a piece of siding was loosened and damaged. Our crew workers went out to Mark's residence and were quick to replace and repair the damages that occurred. Mark was appreciative of our efforts to correct the damages and made a point to pull our Sales Manager Hugh aside and personally thank him for all the work we completed.