Case Studies

ECC Roofing & Siding Case Studies: New Roof Install and Repair in Vineland NJ

January 18, 2017


Robb and his wife Ashley called our company to get a full roof replacement on their home. Happy to help our new potential customers we had one of our project managers go to the home and give both homeowner's a free estimate. Satisfied with the contract we provided our crew men started work on their home improvement project. The couple decided to get the Timbered shingles in the color hunter green and were pleased with the results of their new roof, as well as the workmanship of our crew. Our company also gave the homeowner's a system plus warranty that covers the roof for two years.


About five months after Robb and his wife had their roof completed we received a letter from the warranty company informing us that unfortunately some shingles on the resident's home were lifting randomly. Our company is responsible for taking care of any damages that our warranty covers. After receiving the letter two of our crew members went to the couple's home the next day to figure out the problem and perform the repair. Robb and Ashley were thankful that we were able to get our men out so quickly and solve the problem professionally and efficiently.