Case Studies

ECC Roofing & Siding Case Studies: Roof Replacement in Waterford NJ

February 15, 2017


Martin called our company and informed one of our office assistants that he had a hole in his roof and at the moment it was tarped down and he would like to get his whole roof replaced. We set up an appointment for a crew member to go to the home as soon as possible. Jim went out to Martin's house and provided him with and inspection and a free estimate. After signing the contract our crew prepared to move forward with the project. Because there was a hole in the roof it is considered a first priority for us to assist Martin with his damaged roof.


On the same day that the contract was signed we put a rush order on the materials we would need to start the project and all the materials were delivered the following day. Martin was extremely thankful for Jim's ability to quickly and efficiently asess the damage and solve it. Martin also thanked Jim for the workmanship of his crew and their ability to take all the necessary measures to protect his landscape and property.