Case Studies

ECC Roofing & Siding Case Studies: Full Roof Install in Somerdale NJ

February 16, 2017


Pat discovered her 30 year old roof was leaking after a rain storm swept through the area. After talking to a friend she was referred to our company to have one of our project managers come out to the home and take a look at the damages. After inspecting her roof Hugh was able to locate where the leak was coming from and provided Pat with a detailed estimate of the issues as well as the measures ECC would take to resolve them.


Pat wanted to get her roof replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage so the contract was signed and the crew men quickly went to work gathering all the necessary materials needed to complete the project. Pat decided to go with Owen's Cornings shingles in the color summer harvest and was extremely impressed with ECC's ability to quickly and efficiently replace her roof. She also made sure to personally thank Hugh for all his work and dedication to ensure the process went smoothly!