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ECC Roofing & Siding Case Studies: Roof Installation in Ocean City NJ

April 7, 2017
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Megan was looking for a contractor to do a full roof replacement on her home located in Sicklerville NJ. Very pleased with our company's ability to quickly and efficiently complete the work, soon after she called us again to also do a full roof replacement on her vacation house in Ocean City NJ. Megan met with one of our Project Managers at the home to get all the measurements needed as well as present her with a contract proposal on the spot. Megan had no doubts and was quick to sign so we could move forward with her roof project. Upon completion of the install we received a call from Megan asking if our crew men also finished the shed roof she wanted replaced as well. After revisiting the signed contract it was discovered the shed roof was not included.


Due to the miscommunication that transpired between Megan and our company we quickly solved the issue by offering to get our crew men out to the property once more to complete the shed roof or take over $300.00 off the invoice for the inconvenience. Megan decided to settle with the money taken off her final bill and was pleased that we were quickly and smoothly able to solve the issue for both parties!