Case Studies

ECC Roofing & Siding Case Studies: Window Replacement

February 13, 2017


George got in contact with our company to inquire about getting all of the windows in his townhouse replaced. He had also had his roof replaced by us previously so he was more than happy when we confirmed that we can replace all his windows. George signed the contract and we ordered all the materials we would need for the job. Shortly after all the neccessary materials were delivered, work began. Upon removing all the wood boards around the windows our crew members noticed that some of the wood was very aged and had begun to rot. As a result of the rotted wood small pieces of siding were also damaged.


A member of our crew brought the matter to the owner's attention. Jim was kind enough to cover the cost of the siding for him at no extra cost to George. Work soon resumed and George was impressed with the eleven new windows that were installed and all the new wood trim we attached around the windows. He said his home looks as though it got a very nice facelift.